About Us

In 2016, Cornell Cooperative Extension received a grant from the New York Farm Viability Institute to launch a new marketing and education campaign focused on promoting Long Island seafood as local "F.I.S.H.":

Fresh. Indigenous. Sustainable. Healthy.

The program aims to increase interest, awareness and demand for locally harvested, wild-caught and grown seafood while creating alternative markets and distribution points for Long Island seafood through Community Supported Fishery (CSF) programs.

The local food movement is strong on Long Island and for good reason. In addition to agricultural products, New York offers a wide range of seafood products harvested directly from surrounding waters. Buying local seafood enables the consumers to know the direct origin of their food. Increased marketing of local seafood supports the economic viability of our coastal fishing communities and small businesses and boosts the economic value of Long Island's seafood industry while providing consumers with fresher and higher quality seafood. Purchasing locally caught fish insures the fish is sustainably harvested and in compliance with U.S. and state regulations which are some the strictest in the world.

So choose local F.I.S.H. today!